Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Basic editable polygon selection types in 3d modeling in 3ds max

Get ready to count your polys, because today we will learn what they look like....So you could do such a thing, but why would you when the program can count them for you?

There are 4 basic selection modes to modify parts of a model such as vertexes, edges, polygons, and elements.

First we will start with "vertexes". Vertexes are the points on a model, they give edges an ending and starting point. In the picture you will see the vertexes on my diamond shaped primitive outlined in green for you later on.

The next selection mode is selecting by "edges". Edges are the lines that go between vertexes, like the edges on a box. In the picture, the edges have been highlighted red.

Polygons, or more commonly "Poly" or "Polys" are the faces on a model surrounded by edges. They can be any shape, or size. In the picture I have scribbled over the polygons lightly with blue.

The final mode I will discuss is selecting by "Elements". An element is the whole model selected at once. It is basically all polygons selected, for example if your model was made of 150 polygons you could select all 150 polygons. That isn't considered element selecting, that is selecting polygons. But instead, you can select by element by clicking your model once and the whole thing would be highlighted and be considered just 1 element even if the model had over 9000 polygons. This one is hard to illustrate, but bare with me.

Here is our diamond highlighting the different modes.

Thanks for reading, you are always welcome to share your CGI art.


  1. Interesting, thank you for the information. ;D

  2. could you post your rendering setting with vray?

    if you use

    a high quality setup and a low fast quality setup

    plox /b/

  3. My processor is far too slow to use vray man, I have it but I just can't handle the rendering times.

    Rendering at like 300x300 with something like 2k polys, it took like 5 minutes. Using an .hdr map btw.

    But to answer your question, I always tried to use the best looking and fastest.

  4. wish i could do this