Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'd share this on facebook, but I'm sure my friends wouldn't appreciate it. (I did it anyway)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Get ready to reminisce of your childhood and feel waves of joy (like I did), because today we will be playing all the games your broke ass parents could never afford!

KiGB is a GameBoy Color emulator designed to play "Read Only Memory" (or .rom for short) files for any game released on the gameboy color system. KiGb has many awesome features, such as adjustable sound and some modern graphical filters. But my favorite feature is the adjustable speed (25%-50%-100%-200%-400%) and the gameshark / gamelink option built in.

Here you can see Pokemon Silver playing.

Another great thing about KiGB, is that you don't have to use an installer for it. The emulator is ready to play straight out of the .rar or .zip file which enables you to play at work, or school. Do you have restricted access to download files? No problem, KiGB can also be run straight from an external hard drive or a flash drive.

There is just too much to write about this, all I can say is just do it.
The ROMs are such a small size, that you can get playing immediately by dropping it into the "rom" folder of KiGB.

Here are a few sites I use.

ROM files
Emulator-Zone <--- Download location

Friday, September 10, 2010


Stupid quote of the day "So wait, how do you say that in girl?"

-Stupid girl in one of my language courses.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sorry for not writing a blog today

I'm in school, just not too motivated.

I promise I'll have one up tomorrow

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


/rape /fart /wank and away as we dig into San Andreas MultiPlayer.

San Andreas Multiplayer (Or known as SAMP) is a mod created for the 1.0 patch PC version of "Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas" that enables programmers to create their own game modes such as cops and robbers or even a free explore mode.

Very quick and easy set up, along with an active community despite the age of GTA:SA.
Have a crack at it, I suggest "CrazyBob's CnR".


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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Basic editable polygon selection types in 3d modeling in 3ds max

Get ready to count your polys, because today we will learn what they look like....So you could do such a thing, but why would you when the program can count them for you?

There are 4 basic selection modes to modify parts of a model such as vertexes, edges, polygons, and elements.

First we will start with "vertexes". Vertexes are the points on a model, they give edges an ending and starting point. In the picture you will see the vertexes on my diamond shaped primitive outlined in green for you later on.

The next selection mode is selecting by "edges". Edges are the lines that go between vertexes, like the edges on a box. In the picture, the edges have been highlighted red.

Polygons, or more commonly "Poly" or "Polys" are the faces on a model surrounded by edges. They can be any shape, or size. In the picture I have scribbled over the polygons lightly with blue.

The final mode I will discuss is selecting by "Elements". An element is the whole model selected at once. It is basically all polygons selected, for example if your model was made of 150 polygons you could select all 150 polygons. That isn't considered element selecting, that is selecting polygons. But instead, you can select by element by clicking your model once and the whole thing would be highlighted and be considered just 1 element even if the model had over 9000 polygons. This one is hard to illustrate, but bare with me.

Here is our diamond highlighting the different modes.

Thanks for reading, you are always welcome to share your CGI art.

Monday, September 6, 2010

EVGA GeForce 9500GT 512mb (R.I.P)

Ready your ESD straps, because today I will be discussing the GeForce 9500GT 512Mb video card from EVGA.

Now you might be thinking, "Why would he be reviewing a 3 year old piece of hardware?". Well that's a good question. But I'd like to point out that this card served me well for the past few years (May it rest in peace) playing some of the most common games on pretty high detail levels like "Call Of Duty:World At War" and "World Of Warcraft" without any hiccups.
Sure you won't be pulling triple monitor display at 1900x1600 16xAA on ARMA2. Despite its performance for today's standards, the price and low power supply requirements make this is a great card for the casual user.

I received this for my birthday when it was new, and it opened up a whole new world in computers and modding because of the new games I was now able to play. If you have any young teens who are into games, I would suggest a budget card like this to plant the seed of a future computer enthusiast. The low price, coupled with the high relevancy of PCIx16 2.0 slots in name brand computers from companies like ACER and HP make this a very compatible piece of hardware. This card is a great buy for someone who is new to computer hardware and PC gaming, but wants just that little extra performance.

Newegg page
Tutorial for installing a video card
Some benchmarks

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Recommended VPN programs

Hello followers, today I will be talking about VPN programs.

 The first I would like to discuss is one  I picked up recently called "Tunngle". Tunngle is a free German based program currently in BETA designed for the soul purpose of gaming. It has many nice features such as a customizable GUI and an active community. The thing I was most attracted to from Tunngle is the ease of use. The ability to create an account and join one of the chat rooms based on one of my games and jump right into a battle is something that makes me love Tunngle.
All of the matches are based on a virtual LAN, which is great if the game you are interested in playing is not supported by the developers like "Total Annihilation". The ease of use coupled with it's high modification abilities makes Tunngle a program to snatch up.
Although Tunngle is currently in BETA, there is a decent amount of players for all types of games but expect many more players when release comes around.

 I'd also like to point out that some features are currently not translated to English, so bare with some of the German text.

Remember to sign up an account before downloading. Tunngle Website


The second program I will be discussing is one I have used for many years, beginning with some private game server stuff when I was 12.
Hamachi, by LogMeIn is another great free (Or paid for more features) VPN program that I have enjoyed heavily. Although it is not designed for games exclusively, it's simplicity and many features in a compact, light program that can be applied to other fields such as business. Hamachi is also nice if you are away from home. If you have documents or pictures you need when on the job or even on vacation, Hamachi enables you to log in and retrieve those documents from any place in the world that has Hamachi installed.... Of course if those files are networked. The one thing Hamachi has over Tunngle currently, is the ability to create your own private networks. Currently with Tunngle, all of the networks are created by the developers for games like "Grand Theft Auto 4" compared to Hamachi where you can create your own private password protected network that can be shared by friends and business partners.
Hamachi isn't heavily based on community and gaming like Tunngle, but it's clean interface and simple straight-to-the point design makes this another great program to consider.

Hamachi Website

A big thanks to Imageshack, Hamachi,and Tunngle for your services


Hello followsers, welcome to my first blog post.

I will be posting about computer hardware and software, along with video game news and tutorials.

Also if you need any technology advice, I encourage you to post.